Onaré can be interpreted as: “timeless beauty”


The right hairstyle will allow you to spend less time fussing with your hair, and more time feeling great about yourself. We believe that looking your best on the outside is inevitably reflected on the inside, leaving you feeling rejuvenated both physically and mentally.

At Onaré, we work as a team of professionals and encourage you to try every one of our stylists. We guarantee that no one will be disappointed.


To match hairstyles with lifestyles, help define personal style, and leave our clients looking and feeling the their absolute best. Our goal is to build a company that is the best of its kind. A company that will stand the test of time, lead the beauty industry, and be an example of what every hair salon should be- all while having fun along the way.


Our award-winning style and commitment to excellence has helped launch the careers of some familiar faces, and our work has been recognized and noted by several magazines, such as Flare, Toronto Fashion, Wish, and Glow, among many others. Also keep an eye out for CBC news’ Anne-Marie Mediwake as Onaré team members colour and cut hair with the quality and excellence we’ve become known for. We have created our own training program and hold sessions in cutting, coloring and styling. From the start, we were determined to base our company’s success on educating our staff to be the best, so that we could provide our clients with what they deserve: the best there is in personal care.
At Onaré, we work as a team of professionals and encourage you to try every one of our stylists. We guarantee that no one will be disappointed.

When we say we’re the BEST Hair Salon in Mississauga and the Toronto area, we mean it!

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Three Best Rated

Here Are a few Reasons You Will Love Onaré Salon

  • You only get the highest quality services and products. We never compromise or ‘cut’ corners for price. We know that maintaining the health and beauty of your hair is your only defense against our harsh environment—and the easiest way for you to feel and look your best.
  • Communication: You will be very happy to find that we are big on communication. You will always get a chance to discuss what YOU want prior to any salon service.
  • Expert ‘Secrets’ Revealed – We promise to share our most guarded secrets with you when you become a hair salon client.
  • You Will Never Get That ‘In-Between Look’ Again – We will set you up in a program that will let you know exactly when you need to be serviced again and create a product profile that would best suit your individual needs for at home hair care.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: That is exactly what I mean when I tell you, “The Best Hair Salon Service Ever, Or It’s Free!” If you’re not happy, you don’t pay.