Razor 101

Being good at what you do today is no longer good enough – becoming excellent is essential to success! As with any industry, you need a point of difference, an advantage, something that sets you apart from the competition. Some call it the X-factor. According to Pareto’s law, 20% of your efforts generate 80% of your success.

Taking Pareto’s Law into account, Razor cutting is an excellent way to create modern, low-maintenance hairstyles. It helps you redefine texture and is perfect for short to mid-length, intentionally undone styles. Yet you can only share these benefits with your clients if you know the fundamentals of successful razor-cutting.

Razor 101 will show you how to master the straight edge razor and is perfect for inexperienced razor-cutters or any stylist who wants to hone their craft.

Feel your passion ignite or reignite, and fall in love with what you do.

Course Overview


  • Learn how to conduct an effective consultation.Engage in a hands-on session.
  • Learn everything from how to correctly hold a razor to creating space, texture, and freedom in the cut and style.
  • Techniques include razor-cutting a one-length line, shaping a graduated razor-cut.
  • Receive detailed feedback on performance and a customized plan for future development.
  • Build a strong foundation for future growth.


  • Stylists with little or no experience with a straight edge razor.
  • Stylists looking to master the straight edge blade.


One day


Lecture, demonstration, hands-on, technical guidance and structured feedback 


$350 (per attendee)


Onaré Salon, 2100 Hurontario St., Mississauga, ON, L5B 1M8


Refreshments and snacks provided 


Razor, Scissors, combs, clips, brushes and Styling tools


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