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Flat hair, don’t care?

By March 1, 2016Uncategorized


Written by: Krystal Saunders

Flat hair, don’t care? 



Oh, but we know that you do. With hat hair season officially among us and on those cold, winter days and the wind blowing, we know how difficult it is for you to avoid putting on a hat.


Hat hair is common but there are ways to simplify and maintain it. Award winning hair salon, Onare Salon, in Mississauga has possible solutions on how to tame static or frizzy hair so that you will be able to wear a hat and not worry about your hair messing up when you remove it.


We recommend, for best results to use Saijojo or Bumble & Bumble (Bb) products to help hold volume in your hair during this hat hair season to fight against static and frizzy hair.




Spray Saijojo Leave In Tonic to give your hair moisture. Apply on damp hair and comb through hair from roots to ends. Adding moisture will help your hair to fight against static before wearing a hat.


To provide your hair with body use Saijojo Styling Crème because a hat is most likely going to flatten your hair. Create volume at the roots, while scrunching your hair, this will keep your hair from laying flat. To create extra volume, try using a diffuser while blow-drying your hair.


To fight frizzy hair, try applying Bb Straight Blow Dry evenly through damp hair, section by section before blow drying or try Bb Brilliantine to help control frizz and give your hair a shine. Just rub one or two drops into your hands and apply to damp hair, start at the ends and work your way up to the scalp.


Always remember to dry your hair before wearing a hat, this is a mistake a lot of people make when it comes to hat hair. Leaving your hair wet and then putting on a hat will cause your hair to go flat and take on the shape of the hat, so make sure to dry your hair completely before applying your hat.


Other ways to avoid hat hair:


  • Part your hair in the opposite direction then you usually do, flip it back after you take your hat off. Flipping your hair back to the original position should help to create more volume (since you’ve only flattened the underneath). This will help to hide the flatness and give your hair an uplifting look
  • Try a cute up-do with ear-muffs
  • After hair is dry, try applying hairspray to your roots to help maintain static and build up volume. Begin by lifting sections close to the roots and spraying small amounts of hairspray to those sections underneath, then push the hair at your roots upwards with your fingertips lifting from the scalp to form more volume in your hair
  • Try low maintenance hairstyles that are less affected by a hat such as a low bun, low ponytail, braids, side twist, or wavy hair


Written by: Krystal Saunders

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