Tips From Onaré

There is nothing like not knowing how to style your hair outside of the salon. You get your hair styled and it looks amazing, our staff showed you how to style your cut…but really- how much did you retain?

Now there is no need to worry. We have provided you with your own at-home reminder.

Check out our videos below to learn new tips and tricks on how to keep your hair styled beautifully.

Healthy Hair Starts with a
Healthy, Balanced Scalp

The Right Foundation

Priming Hair With Leave in TonicT

Thicker, Fuller Hair

Getting thicker, fuller hair is easy.

Follow our video to learn how

Smooth & Silky Hair

Watch this video and learn our tips on keeping your hair smooth and silky

Smooth, Polished Natural Waves

Tame your hair into natural waves.
See this video to learn how.

Control Volume

Add Structure and Body to fine hair or control thickness with moderate hold.

Gorgeous Curls

Control and Define your curly hair with this cocktail