Onare Waiver & Release of Liability Form

Please read this form carefully before you sign.

Signing this form means that Onaré Salon will not be held accountable for any problems that could occur. This includes actions such as suing, defamation of the business and any other response they could cause liability.

Onare Salon will do its utmost best to make sure that customers are safe in our salons. We will follow government stated precautions but we cannot guarantee the safety of our customers with 100% certainty. No business can reduce the risk of coronavirus to that amount as there is always a risk when leaving the home.

Onare Salon will provide it standard services such as haircuts, hair coloring. By agreeing to the terms and conditions specified you accept full responsibility if the coronavirus is contracted. We will do our best to ensure your safety while providing a relaxing experience.

I agree that if I take any steps to make a claim for damages against Onaré Salon, its agents, employees or any other released parties due to contracting the coronavirus after my visit to Onaré Salon facilities, I agree to hold harmless Onaré Salon.