Your Best

Your experience begins with a customized consultation.

We keep your lifestyle, face shape, hair texture and skin tone in mind to create the perfect haircut and colour for you.

Enjoy our relaxing scalp massage and take notes during your styling lesson for at home ease.

VOTED TOP HAIR SALON IN MISSISSAUGA  2014, 2015, 2016 2017 and 2018


Level Women Men
New Talent 41+ 31+
Salon Stylist 51+ 41+
Senior Stylist 80+ 65+
Master Stylist 125+ 100+
Mario Verrilli 250 250


Service New Talent Salon Stylist & Technician Senior Technician Master Technician
Colour 60+ 65+ 80+ 105+
Partial Highlight 72+ 81+ 105+ 155+
Full Highlight 94+ 110+ 150+ 180+
Colour + Partial Highlight 105+ 123+ 150+ 190+
Balayage 125+ 150+ 175+ 200+

A consultation, scalp massage, shampoo, and a QUICK STYLE is included with all technical services. A QUICK STYLE DOES NOT include hot iron sets, or extreme straightening on coarse curly hair. If you wish for a FULL PROFESSIONAL BLOW- DRY, it must be requested at the time of booking and is in addition to the colour price.

NEW for the ingredient conscious (made without PPD or PTD) 70+
Clear Gloss
For shine and softness
Colour/Toner Refresh 25


Senoir Stylist 52+
Stylist 41+
Set with curling iron or rollers 55+
New Talent 75+
Stylist 75+
Senior Stylist 95+


Smoothing Services
Reduces curl & frizz
consultaiton required
Beach Wave Perm 85+


in addition to service price

NEW Luxe Oil Keratin Treatment
Express (5 min)
NEW Luxe Oil Keratin Treatment
20 min Full Service
Olaplex 25
Exfoliating Scalp Massage 25
Bb Colour Minded Treatment 25

The Onaré Academy Team (NEW TALENT)

Want to look fabulous at a fraction the price? The Onaré Academy Team is offering exceptional services at reduced prices – a great value to you and the opportunity for advanced education for them.

Each stylist joins us as an apprentice and embarks on a rigorous training program devised and implemented by award winning hairstylist Mario Verrilli. At Onaré, we believe that repetition is the mother of skill, which is why each stylist must practice blow drying and specialize in the area of their choice whether it be cutting or colour. Apprentices are supervised one-on-one over the course of their program and then move on to the Academy Team.

**Please note** The Academy team consists of stylists-in-training and therefore availability will depend on how far through the program they are. Please call to see if there are any Academy team members currently available.