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Spring Your Best Hair Forward

By March 29, 2017Uncategorized

We at Onaré Salon, Top Choice Hair Salon in Mississauga understand that your excited for the sunny days ahead but you may not be looking forward to removing your winter hat. Yes, the cute one with the pom-pom on top that may have been hiding those roots, faded colour, frizzy, dry hair for the past few months. But, the time is coming quickly so it’s time to make some “me” time and get your hair did.

Loosing the Hat

Let it go! Like Spring cleaning – in with the new, out with the old. Take the hat off and come into Onaré Salon and why not try a new look this year? If you usually do blonde highlights for the summer, you could always add a few red highlights as well, just to give yourself a little spunk.

If you’ve always had long hair maybe it’s the year you try going short. It’s okay to step out of your comfort zone and give yourself a little change. And don’t worry, it will grow back!


Containing the Frizz

Hat hair is the worst. Try using Bumble and bumble (Bb) Defrizz to help smooth and tame all that static you have attracted during the winter. It will bring back your shine and leave your hair feeling soft.

The Needed Root Touch-Up

Hiding those roots was easy with your favourite hat to cover your head. Removing your hat is going to be a hard step but we at Onaré Salon can help to get those roots covered up and bring back your beautiful hair. We know your colour down to an art!

Trimming the Ends

Maybe you have been putting it off on getting your ends trimmed because your hair was just going under a hat anyway. Who was going to notice, right? Once the hat comes off, if no one else notices, you will. Come on in and get those damaged ends in here; so we can get rid of the breakage by cutting it off and starting fresh this Spring season.