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About us

Having had difficult hair to work with myself and then eventually very little, I have always understood the value of ones hair. Its ability to transform a face shape, self esteem and ones confidence. I created Onaré as a haven for stylists and clients alike, to learn a new tip or trade secret on creating beautiful, hassle free hair. A place to always receive honest, expert advice and find the best products and tools to help simplify your daily routines, right in your community.” 

Onaré began as a hair salon serving the greater Toronto area in Mississauga. We knew that in order to be successful in this competitive industry, we would have to stand out above the rest. We knew that both our clients and hairdressers wanted something more than they couldn't find anywhere else: an innovative salon that encourages growth and ideas. We wanted to make sure that the staff and clients at Onaré felt confident in themselves while helping them to look and feel their best. We also wanted to make sure that we would evolve to keep up with change. For hairdressers, Onaré has
their own beauty academy to help stylists be their very best. From the very beginning, the decision has always been to base our success on educating and training our staff to be the in the top 20% in their trade, while providing clients with the highest quality service, products and tools that they deserve.

-Mario Verrilli

Founder and CEO of Onaré


Welcome to Onaré salon in Mississauga, Ontario. Our award-winning style and commitment to excellence has helped launch the careers of some familiar
faces, and our work has been recognized and noted by several magazines, such as Flare, Toronto Fashion and Glow, among many others. We have created our own training program and hold sessions in advanced cutting, colouring and styling. From the start, we were determined to base our company’s success on ducating our staff to be the best, so that we could provide our clients with what they deserve- the best there is in personal care.