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The TRUTH About How Any Hairstylist Can Make A Great Income With A Lot Of Flexibility In Their Schedule and avoid Being Stuck In A Job

Here's the TRUTH!

8 of 10 hairstylists quit within two years because they can't pay the bills.

Why? Most don't know where to begin, and there are so many options, so they look at online videos and social media.

  • No more wasting money on similar videos/workshops that leave out essential
    details. This proven method will end your search and trial and error just to
    put all the missing pieces of information together with duct tape. It is all
    here in one place.
  • No more working yourself to the bone to get through a marathon of clients in a day.
  • No more being underpaid, unappreciated, and severely overworked to the point of burnout.
  • No more missing out on happy hours with your friends
  • No more doing services you are not passionate about.

Imagine this: In just 12 weeks

  • You have a CAREER that supports you and provides you with a lifestyle dream of.
  • You have a full book of clients who value your time and expertise.
  • Imagine your next vacation... stress-free and not being chained to your phone!
  • Spending time with people who give you energy, and make your time behind the chair enjoyable.
  • With a waiting list of clients that you want to work with as an artist
  • You are going from grinding away or not being booked to working the schedule you want while earning double.
  • You will save over $25000.00 on courses, flights, and hotels to learn the essential skills to succeed.
  • Your clients love you, your work, and how you take time to listen and communicate - that they are a referring machine; even people you haven’t seen are referring others, and the demand was more than you had ever had before!


  • Students within the Academy courses will: 
    Watch live demonstrations. 
  • Learn how to conduct effective hair consultations. 
  • Engage in a hands-on session using mannequins (in-person course).
  • Receive detailed feedback on performance and a customized plan for future development (in-person course).
  • Build a strong foundation for future growth.


Upon completing our Academy courses, you will have gained insight and learned techniques that will help you command high income prices in your area, acquire clientele to boast about, and define work that is worthy of being featured on the cover of a magazine.

will receive an individual Certificate in each area of study upon
successfully completing the course.  Our courses do not require approval
under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. Our Enrolment terms are
not subject to the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. At this time, we
do not offer Vocational Programs.