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The TRUTH About How Any Hairstylist Can Make A Great IncomeWith A Lot Of Flexibility In Their Schedule and avoid Being Stuck In A Job

Does this sound like you? You are a hairstylist focused on mastering your craft.

You really want to make a great income with a lot of flexibility in your schedule, and a beauty professional who dreams of becoming one of the highest paid hairstylist.

Here'sthe TRUTH!

8of 10 hairstylists quit within two years because they can't pay the bills.

Why? Because they lack direction and are overwhelmed by the multitude of options available, turning to online videos and social media in search of answers.

  • You've likely been led to believe that a stunning Instagram profile, use of hashtags, and exceptional social media skills guarantee a fully booked clientele.
  • The reality is that the social media 'game' is draining and often less fruitful than promised.
  • You haven’t found the right place that supports your goals and don’t know how to choose the right salon to work in.
  • You might still be hung up on the idea that you might not be good enough.

Reasons You Will Love Working At Onaré Collective

  • Our Apprentice program holds you by the hand so you don’t have to go it alone, saving you time trying to figure it out on your own through trial and error and avoiding costly mistakes on paying clients and upsetting them so they tell all of their friends.
  • This system has helped our team become one of the most respected and highest earning in the industry, and they have had their work published in national magazines, giving them credibility to charge the highest prices.
  • Many team members have won awards while working with us; others have been nominated for awards even after moving on.
  • Shorten your learning curve from years to months, gaining the skills needed for success.
  • Join an environment where you'll succeed and thrive in a fun and challenging environment.
  • You will save time and could be spending more time with your friends and family or your favourite hobbies.

Everythingyou need to find a place to give you better opportunities for growth in oneplace